Prevent Seasonal Structural Damage in St. Francis & Andover, MN

Contact Cedar Creek Construction Inc. for ice dam and snow removal services

Heavy snow and ice can cause some serious structural damage if it’s left unchecked. Protect your home or office building by having Cedar Creek Construction Inc. safely remove ice and snow before it melts and becomes a bigger problem. We will safely and effectively remove ice and snow from your roof using a steamer. Our equipment won’t cause any damage to your home or office building’s shingles, so you can rest easy knowing your structure is in good hands!

Contact Cedar Creek Construction Inc. to schedule an appointment for snow and ice dam removal.

We can remove ice and snow from any building!

Saint Francis & Andover, MN's Cedar Creek Construction Inc. has the equipment and capability to safely remove heavy ice and snow from roofs of all types. We can work on:

  • Private homes
  • Townhomes
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment buildings

We can handle all of the above and more. Get started by reaching out to Cedar Creek Construction Inc. of Saint Francis & Andover, MN.

Let us plow the snow away

Let us plow the snow away

Is there snow or ice on the ground in front of your home or business? Protect your property from unexpected slips and falls due to winter weather. The crew at Cedar Creek Construction is experienced in snow removal and plowing services so you do not have to risk your safety doing the job on your own.

Don't let snow risk your safety or business. Contact us today for snow removal and plowing services.